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Natural Birthstones By Month

Jul 16th, 2010 | By | Category: BirthStones, GemStones

Here is the list  of Birthstones by month from January to december

  1. January : Garnet (A red lustrous stone which occurs mainly as crystals.)
  2. February : Amethyst (A clear purple or bluish violet variety of quartz crystal.)
  3. March : Aquamarine (A transparent beryl that may be blue, blue-green or green in color.)
  4. April : Diamond (A plain crystallized carbon in a beautiful crytal form)
  5. May : Emerald (A rich green variety of beryl, highly prized.)
  6. June : Pearl (Dense, lustrous layers of nacre formed around a foreign object within the shell of  oysters & some other mollusks.)
  7. July : Ruby (A rare red corundum, sometimes worth $30,000 per carat.)

    birthstones by month

    birthstones by month

  8. August : Peridot (A deep yellowish-green olivine stone.)
  9. September : Sapphire (A rich blue transparent corundum gemstone.)
  10. October : Opal (A hydrated silica gemstone noted for its iridescent play of colors.)
  11. November : Topaz (A silicate of aluminium, usually a transparent yellow to brownish-yellow.)
  12. December : Turquoise (A sky-blue copper aluminium phosphate, highly prized.)

Have a look at the Birthstones Chart by month below:

Once you know your birthstone or the birthstone of your dear one,you can either go for the birthstone jewelry or may be just the stone forkeepsake, Gifting the birthstone is surely a great idea and I hope that this Birthstones by month list is helpfulto you.

These are the natural gemstones/birthstones in general. We all are intimidated atleast once to take a look at it!
Birthstone Jewelry
Here is the detailed Information More on Birthstones by Month

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